Corn Dollies


                                                               Suffolk Horseshoe

Corn Dolly making is an ancient craft. It is said that at the end of harvest the last sheaf of corn was used to make a Corn Dolly.This would ensure a good harvest the next year.



                                                                       Welsh Fan

Mrs Minnie Lambeth of Fulbourn (above) did a great deal to revive the old craft.Her interest and research into Corn Dollies resulted in books on the subject which  are still regarded as classics for reference and instruction.Her Corn Dollies were presented to Princess Ann and Prince Charles in 1959. Mrs Lambeth died in 1984, and since then Corn Dolly enthusiasts have held an annual "Minnie Lambeth Gathering", keeping her memory alive.


                                                    Welsh Fan


                                                              Glory Braid
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Bill Mizon ( my father ) supplied Mrs Lambeth with straw. She taught Bill how to make corn dollies and another generation of Corn Dolly makers was born.
Opposite is a picture of Bill .The Corn Dollies on the shield are a horseshoe ,hunting-crop horn and foxes brush.
This picture was featured in Country Life on  31st  October 1961.

                                                                                         Traditional Dolly
Bill demonstrated his Corn Dolly making at  County shows and other local events.


                                                                          Mexican Fan


                   Norfolk Lantern


                                Traditional Dolly


                           Cambridgeshire Handbell